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Service is the core of who I am

I’m running for Santa Clarita City Council because I am devoted to my community, and want our city to be strong, efficient, and forward-thinking for my family and for yours. Growing up, I had a sense of duty instilled in me from my family. I am trying to pass along the same sense of responsibility, kindness, and dedication to my own children. I hope to lead by example.

I served in the military not once, but now three times. First, I joined the Navy and served for six years, ultimately attaining the rank of Petty Officer Second Class, and becoming a nuclear operator on a Los Angeles-class attack submarine. Six months after leaving the Navy, I decided to reenlist with the armed services, this time with the Army, attaining the rank of Sergeant. That’s where I met my wife Constance, who had previously served in the Air Force. Our prior military service was our first connection, but we found we had so much more in common, too. Ultimately, we would share our entire lives together.

After we finished our time in the Army, Constance took on the full-time role of mother and I finished my degree in nuclear engineering. I now work as the Chief Safety Engineer for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. We have two young sons, David and Kevin, now in grade school, and our oldest son, Alex, is 20 and has decided to join the Air Force, continuing our family tradition of military service. I recently enlisted again for my third time in the military, this time in the Army Reserve as a Second Lieutenant. 


Santa Clarita is a great community, full of wonderful people — and the best is yet to come as we grow and change for the better. I hope I can earn your trust, and your vote, to serve yet again on our community’s City Council.


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